As each project has unique characteristics and challenges, we believe that Communication with customers, team members and subcontractors is the key to our success. With a vast equipment fleet, unequaled bonding capacity and a superior safety record, APCO also offers the best combination of established subcontractor relationships and in-house expertise. Our innovative construction planning processes project, control systems, construction turnover programs and document control systems are tailored to fit customers’ needs. Our streamlined communication provides well-managed projects, completed on time and within budget. We have the experience, resources and processes to help customers plan, improve and manage projects of varying size and complexity.


By engaging as Construction Manager-at-Risk early in the design process, APCO Construction brings added value during pre-construction to help keep the project within budget and on schedule, while developing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for your project. We focus on fostering a collaborative environment built on frequent and open communication. As your CM-at-Risk, we are responsible for dealing with such issues as jobsite safety and security, subcontractor selection and management, fluctuations in material prices, schedule adherence, construction means and methods and quality.


Following the initial planning stages of the project and after pre-construction consulting, it is time for accurate and competitive cost estimation. APCO’s extensive background in cost estimation can provide detailed, precise and accurate costing of your plan. The more details provided to us will allow your estimate to be more accurate. Our focus is to provide you with an accurate picture incorporating all costs and minimizing changes in expenses down the road. Our job is to be cost conscious without jeopardizing the quality and design of the project.


APCO’s processes enable us to seamlessly transition from the engineering to the construction phase of each project. We have the ability to offer our clients the option to design build. Working with your architect or with existing plans, we take your vision and transform it into reality. Our strong groups of design consultants, engineering firms and subcontractors will assist through all design build elements of the project whether it’s mechanical, electrical or plumbing related. By utilizing our resources to perform certain design build functions, it is possible for you to reduce architectural costs substantially


APCO Construction provides industry leading full-service General Contracting including day-to-day oversight of the construction process, management of trades and vendors, as well as coordination of project communications. Our project managers and superintendents are well briefed in all of the latest technologies used in construction. Our knowledgeable teams of construction professionals utilize detailed scheduling, implement effective cost control strategies, and deliver quality-built facilities through an open-book and collaborative process. APCO will work with all of the parties consistently through the entire process to ensure customer satisfaction. We maintain a strong relationship with well qualified sub-contractors to ensure only the highest quality finished product. Working within the budget and maintaining a high standard of quality, we have the solid experience with strategic engineering partnerships and the tools, processes and experience to effectively manage all aspects of design, construction, procurement and project turnover. We make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of your project vision and goals. Then we go about surpassing them.


As a full service general contractor with experience in working with many local authorities in planning and development, we assist in a smooth and timely start to your project. Our standard role is to provide expertise and experience in assisting in many facets of pre-construction from acquiring permits to consulting with architects to analyzing cost feasibility.


After estimation, we will work closely with all of the parties involved to ensure that maximum value is reached in construction. Often times, certain items can be compromised which allows for dramatic reductions in cost, but without compromising the integrity of the project. Minor changes in certain elements of the construction sometimes make a large difference in the final costs of the project.