APCO Construction has a vested interest in forming solid, long-term relationships with our subcontractor/supplier partners. We are committed to creating a culture of teamwork, fairness and respect. Our success is dependent upon your success.

Please see the list below for current bidding opportunities as well as upcoming job prospects. We encourage all subcontractors to submit your bids on any of the projects with current bid openings. Let’s build and grow together.


Sub Bids Due by:

Approx. Value


  Central Plant Renovation 2/24/16 @ 4:00  $650,000.00  Brian Benson
  Recondition Existing Water Tank 2/25/16 @ 10:00 $272,000.00  Brian Benson
  Silver Bowl Restroom Bldg. 3/3/16 @ 10:00  $860,000.00  Brian Benson
 FMWCC Shower & Bathroom      Renovation 3/8/16 @ 10:00 $1,300,000.00  Brian Benson
 SNVM Cemetery Expansion   3/17/16 @ 10:00  $4,300,000.00  Brian Benson
 Hollywood Regional Park – Ballfield  Enlargement & Lighting  3/22/16 @ 10:00  $2,188,059.00  Brian Benson